Web Server Test Site (Logistics automation)

This page is to test autobase Web server.
You can test of running on the web through three ways below


1. Using the Silverlight

Without a security settings or complicated setup, Autobase Web server can be running on the browser just of installing the Microsoft Silverlight. The loaded screen of right is the Autobase webserver using the Silverlight.
It is available also on the Macintosh computer's Safari Web browser.

Full page monitoring - Monitoring and control, using the Silverlight on a entire screen.


2. Using mobile code

It can be run directly on the browser by calling the executable files.
An executable file runs directly from a client computer, the following Setup and installation is required.

1) .Net framework 3.5 Setup - .Net framework 3.5 must be installed on user computers.
2)  Setting of securing Web for the Autobase Web Server Monitoring(Viewmain) - when you run this installation program after downloading, the security of Viewmain and the dependent files will be set to full trust.
3) You must register the current site (http://www.demo.autobase.biz) in your trusted sites from Explorer's Internet options
4) Web monitoring program excution - the mobile code will be executed when you clicking on this link.


3. Using HTML

A simple HTML text-based monitoring/control. You can monitor and control tags which if you set as control tags.

HTML monitoring - Monitoring/control on a simple device

Get Microsoft Silverlight